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ADR stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution, a process used as an alternative to the courtroom.

Mediations at USA&M are:
-Typically held in rooms used exclusively for ADR
-Fully wired conference rooms large enough to accommodate multi-party cases
-Separate, sound proof caucus rooms

-Free Wi-Fi
-Free parking
-Knowledgable staff
-Law library for quick research
-Lots of snacks and drinks.

To learn more about mediation through USA&M, check out www.usam.com.
For arbitrations, Kim arbitrates through US Arbitration & Mediation (US A&M), American Arbitration Association (AAA), and FINRA. In many cases, Kim acts as a sole arbitrator, but Kim can act as one of three or more arbitrators. To learn more about AAA, check out: www.adr.org.

The Benefits of Mediation

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Call US A&M to arrange a mediation with Kim. The staff can even help you schedule the date of the mediation by contacting the parties directly, upon your request.

You may also submit the case online below.

For non-US A&M mediation cases, call Kim directly.