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As COVID ebbs and flows and we are now on our second booster shots, mediations are coming back to in-person. I am seeing hybrid mediations with most clients and attorneys in person, but a couple of participants using ZOOM.

This will the model going forward.  The benefits of ZOOM participation are easy to list:  cost saving; convenience; ability to make right person available for the ZOOM, etc.  But there are thoughtful reasons to attend a mediation in person:

  1. To see and hear your opponent live.  ZOOM cannot capture the “whole person” and you may want to make your own assessment of credibility and appearance on your own, or even just general “likeability.”
  2. To show high level of commitment. In many disputes one side feels the other is not listening or understanding the problem.  As a mediator I often point out to one side how seriously the other side is taking the dispute and, more importantly, its resolution.
  3. To speak to the mediator privately. ZOOM makes it tough for the lawyer and mediator to speak alone without being obvious.  In-person mediations allow for casual conversations in the hallway.
  4. To simplify signing the Settlement Agreement.

My thought is to make purposeful decisions when considering virtual or in-person mediations.  There are good reasons for each one.  To schedule a mediation with Kim call 314 231-4642 or 618 791-8491 or visit:  https://usam.com